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The Bee Guy is a local business providing bee and wasp removal in New York. We service a variety of areas (check out our service areas page) throughout Queens, Nassau County, Long Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan. We care about our customers and want them to enjoy properties which are bee free. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting stung every time you go outside.

You shouldn’t have to fret that your child might get a bee sting, not knowing if they are allergic or not. We specialize in the removal and handling of various bees and wasps for your convenience.

When we do our job, you can rest assured that we do it in the safest possible way for you, for our team members, and for the bees and wasps whenever possible. We respect bees and understand their importance in the environment – we also are familiar with the danger posed by certain species.

If you want more information about us, or pricing information, just get in touch with the Bee Guy in New York. We can assure you that we will not let you down.

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