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The Bee Guy NY is happy to offer the services you need when you are looking for someone to extract bees and wasps in New York. Have a look at some of the pests we are willing to get rid of for you:

Yellow jackets

These are actually wasps and they live in colonies. They are more aggressive than honey bees and will sometimes attack without being provoked in any way, shape or form. A yellow jacket is able to sting over and over again, unlike other types of bees, and their nests can end up being the size of a soccer ball. It is best to have an expert remove yellow jackets. NY locals can call us for the job!

Honey bees

Honey bees will attack, and they will attack in numbers, if they feel they are being threatened. They might only sting once,but think about this – a Queen Honey bee can lay 2,000 eggs in a day. No one wants to get attacked by a swarm of this size, even if the bee only can sting once.

Carpenter bees

These tend to avoid stinging a person unless they are directly provoked. The males do not have stingers. They are sometimes mistaken as bumble bees.


A hornet’s sting will be more painful than a standard wasp, as their stingers are used to actually kill prey. Hornets are able to sting over and over again, which can be incredibly painful and dangerous. If you happen to have an allergy to wasp venom, you will also be allergic to a hornet sting. It is important to safely get rid of hornets. New York specialists can help.

It is important to call in an expert for bee removal services in New York for your own safety. We offer great prices, but the peace of mind that we bring to homeowners, especially those with pets and children, is priceless.

Call today to learn more about our bee and wasp removal services in NY!